Accredited & super clean water at the Lake Kilrea

The Lake Kilrea works with many organisations to ensure that your experience is not only a fun one but one filled with confidence. When you attend our WaterPark, rest assured you will be in safe and experienced hands whilst you swim in one of the cleanest lakes in Northern Ireland.


The Lake Kilrea is delighted to receive accreditation from SH2OUT.

SH2OUT is an exciting programme that has been developed to further promote and progress open water and safety within the sport.

By contributing to the growth of the sport, the partnership will provide appropriate resources and support the development of standards that ensure safe & compelling experiences for participants.

Please visit their website here for more information

RLSS (Royal lifesaving society)

The Lake Kilrea is proud to be an RLSS approved venue for lifeguard training, offering open water lifeguard training courses throughout the year.  Many of those who complete the course are offered employment at The Lake Kilrea whilst others chose our venue to gain their qualifications because of the quality of the water we train in.

Please click here to learn more about the RLSS


The Lake Kilrea has been tested by Biosearch NI with the results showing our lake is ‘Super Clean’. Unlike other waterparks, our spring-fed lake means you’ll be swimming in cool freshwater that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

Click here to learn more about the work Biosearch NI are doing.

Excellent from start to finish. Very professional, safety briefings and orderly. Pleasant staff. A lot of fun for all abilities.
Jenny - Bangor

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